Monday, 6 April 2009

And the wires penetrated my skin...

For a while now I've been musing along with my fellow 20 Jazz Funk Great brethren about things like Armani italo cyborgs lost inside inpenetrable disco vortexes, Arthur Machen analogue lullabies, and mind-melting tribal jams created by feral, spazzy kids banging on blocks of wood with bones lost amongst the trees. While I still love all these things with a heart fit to explode, I wanted to set up this page to muse about another love of mine. I'm talking about the sounds that emanate from the packs of girls forever fixed to the backs of buses, and out of the speakers of radios eternally locked on Kiss F.M. and that have haunted my every move since Brandy got all up in Monica's face, or vice versa.

I will always maintain that Liar's "Drums Not Dead" and Britney's "Blackout" are two of the most important records of the last decade. This is basically what So Bones is about.

This music is special. I want you to think it's special too.

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