Sunday, 19 April 2009


I'm starting to feel like "the Britney guy." Last Friday one of the first things Daniel from Mi Ami said to me was "so I hear you like Britney Spears", and then just the other day Guillaume from Blog Digger asked me the exact same question. I probably shouldn't be too surprised when I do things like drunkenly slur into a fellow XXJFG brother's ear about how Gimme More is sooo Lynchian, or explain to bemused friends how I've been in the process of writing an essay relating Blackout with the Japanese man and machine epic, Tetsuo. Anyway I'll be the first to admit Circus as an album wasn't exactly up to scratch; badly sequenced, a ballad about her babies, and way too much back peddling. What the album mostly missed was Danja's diminished presence in Britney's music. Danja was of course the man who transformed Britney into a malfunctioning renegade robot, clipping, pitchshifting and stretching her serpentine purple-funk croak with such extremism it often felt as if he was trying to make the American teen version of Medulla.

Flamethrower, sung here by Chris Brown (music unrelated comments are now too obvious and dull) is actually a demo that was intended for Circus and gives us a glimpse into how that record might have sounded if Danja had been given more free reign. Gothic Lolita crunk atmospherics and percussion that sounds like multiple animatronic steeds galloping and clattering across glowing ENCOM landcsapes fuse with the man's trademark woozy, creeping synth work which manage to infect the proceedings with a mildly nauseating, "it's time to face Bowser" plastic dread. Alas...what could have been.

Flame Thrower - Chris Brown

Earlier I mentioned Blog Digger, a collective of super nice guys who throw super swell parties in super beautiful Paris which is where I was on Friday night playing some records with my brethren Juan. Amongst all the italo and Chicago jack-house noise I managed to slip in what's probably one of my favourite records of the year so far. Took The Night by Chelley is basically the sound of Nina Sky's floating, disembodied heads forever spinning with Uncanny Alliance through a complex riddim matrix. Last year it was quite sad when no "Uh Oh" or "Pon De Replay" emerged, so it's very nice to have this kind of record back in time for Summer. Plus "hate, hate, hate, hate, hate" is the line of 2009. Period.

One last thought. What the fuck happened to this beat? From 2.57. Some serious monolithic tekno stuff going on!

P.S. Ciara dances for art.


  1. I want you to send me all of these songs. xx

  2. I live and die 4 this performance!!!

  3. seriously! when brown's legs turn into something that could have been in the thing - y.e.s.

  4. god - I dont know how many times I've rewatched that performance.

    fucking ciara I love you. and she did it all in HEEEEEELS.