Thursday, 23 April 2009

"it's lady power, girl power on crack!"

This post's title is a quote found on the Amazon page for the debut LP (How to be A Lady, Vol.1) from Electrik Red, The-Dream's version of Vanity 6, a collection of sass-factories who could all be underwear models/catwalk panthers if they weren't so good at being airbrushed animatronic robo-harbingers of the r&bleep apocalypse melded with the whores of Babylon (if Babylon was a nail-salon made of liquid metal in Queens). Not sure on the "Lady" label though, just check out the "lady-like" behaviour on show here:

Electrik Red - Drink In My Cup from c mack on Vimeo.

Of course if these so called ladies landed in the club when we were there, we would be grovelling at their canary-yellow heels because for all the sharp visuals, sassy eyes at the camera and well choreographed cubicle break dancing, Electrik Red actually possess songs that swan dive into the sea of crystal brilliance, lighting the nite sky with a million disco balls that yo-yo in unison back and forth to a low slung bpm groove:

Freaky Freaky 90 Sec Snippet - Electrik Red

"Drink in My Cup" is the scarlet laser-guided minimal synth ode to born-bad bitches, hump-dancing amid torrents of dry ice, vicious schematic hi-hat formations and brazen acts of phone theft, and "Freaky Freaky" boils all that down to a white hot pneumatic icicle of a synth stab that fires through endless walls of glass with Electrik Red floating in on a cloud of pure white peacock feathers, winding to the stutter-drums and brooding bass, delivering an aching love-saturated vocal.

While we're on the subject of faux operatic ENCOM-sponsored divas, Ciara is finally bringing "Fantasy Ride" to the masses after various incarnations have flooded messageboards via RapidShare URLs for months. This can only be a good thing, but So Bones is as unsure of the apparent exclusion of the track "One Favor" as much as we are the batshit Venom vs cornrows cover art - are there not enough pictures of her with big hair looking like a robotic Amazonian Louis Vuitton demon-slayer they could of used?

On "One Favor", Ciara is as much the alien ice queen as she is on the effortlessly overwrought and perfectly ridiculous "High Price", stalking the urban wastelands like a 50ft porcelain opera diva with LED eyes and ray guns for fingers, but this time instead of comedy gigolo-ganster Ludacris bouncing around like a cyborg werewolf, her partner is a rhythmic whiplash syndrum wrapped up in gold plated psycho killer strings.

One Favor.MP3 - Ciara




  1. oh it's like a regular friday night down old street.

  2. The Dream have made better (Sweat it Out, Falsetto), but this doesn't loosen my embrace of the eh boys.

    Great site. Keep it up.

  3. I like Ciara's music and I'm a guy. I think it's good. That is just my opinion.

    -Zane of ontario honey