Monday, 20 April 2009


"Dont Talk" isn't particularly new, but I feel the need to write about it mostly out of recent rediscovery and because aside from being a sonically impressive update on the beloved freestyle sound, it's also fascinatingly horrid. Vanessa Hudgens is the Disney mannequin most famously known for prancing around in high school musicals and having a fetish for Santa Clause, and who somehow over two albums has managed to get some pretty ohK songs out of her producers. Don't Talk though is something quite special indeed. The Sunglasses At Night synths weaving through a series of increasingly frenetic Miami machine claps are all in place and very nice too, but lyrically this song is beaming in from a whole other universe, miles away from the plastic cuteness we would usually associate with Radio Disney. Just imagine if all those tinny aspirational hymnals about making it in the world with a little help from your friends and staying true to yourself had been replaced with poison pumped, spite anthems about selfish sexual voraciousness and cold hearted elitism, themes taken directly from the bible of Kimberly Joyce.

I'd go as far as to say "Don't Talk" is a kind of pop equivalent of the Japanese shocker Audition in the sense that just as that film starts out like a Meg Ryan fluff-fest, it quickly descends into something altogether nightmarish, akin to expecting a beautiful butterfly to emerge from a chrysalis only to witness something altogether nastier uncoil from within. I'm not suggesting the extremities of Audition are mirrored in "Don't Talk", but the unnerving double bluff formula certainly is as Hudgens initially begins to wax lyrical, sweetly and politely enough about "shooting stars" and her seemingly innocent hopes for the future of a potential relationship, only to turn distinctly sour with the chorus in which she implores to her suitor...

"Don't talk, don't tell your friends about us.

Don't talk or this song will end, I promise.

Be quiet, be quiet, or I will just deny it.

Be quiet, don't talk, keep it between us."

Sounding entirely joyless and calculating, the archetypal American teen sweetheart becomes a dead-eyed, black hearted terror who isn't interested in real love at all, but only in self serving motives. When she whispers "keep your mouth closed" a bit later on in the song, you're inclined to believe that in her own universe this girl is indeed a destructor of sorts.

Vanessa Hudgens - Dont Talk - Vanessa Hudgens


Following on from the first one which was all kinds of fun, another SO BONES party is happening very soon. Friday May 1st, if you happen to be in London and you wanna shunt and sweat with us come upstairs to Catch.

This time around the usual XXJFG DJs will be in the awesome company of the Notorious V.I.C. and Bumps (aka Dom & Eka.)

Disclaimer: No fucking Akon. Or Flo-Rida.

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