Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sweet Sick

I don't watch TV much, but lately whenever I do it seems as if I cannot for the life of me avoid the video for that irrevocably naff Pussycat Dolls feat Nicole Scherzinger(!?) and A.R. Rahman song, which somehow has something to do with Slumdog Millionaire. Anyway all this Pussycat Dolls feat Nicole Scherzinger business has made me suspect the one who sings may be attempting to give her botched solo project another go at some point this year which I'm all in favour of if she can produce another song as mindblowingly good as her 2007 mega-flop, horror-jam "Whatever You Like." Polow Da Don has a habit of recycling his beats and this is a perfect example of him doing just that having already palmed this beat off on Kelis for the equally blackhearted sexfest "Blindfold Me" and Chilli's unreleased "Straight Jack." In this incarnation though that hardly matters at all as Polow fleshes out the beats and perfects that ominously seductive, "poison on the lips" sound that suggests a tender caress to the left, and a crystal dagger through the heart to the right. While Scherzinger sings like a woman possessed trademark voodoo death drums and incessant, state-of-emergency rave sirens are overshadowed by an arching, dread-soaked synth line straight out of an 80s monster movie, the kind that gives you that frozen spinal fluid feeling as if slowly something horrible is about to rise up above you from behind. My advice; Don't look, just dance.

Whatever You Like - Nicole Scherzinger

I'm not usually too sold on mash-ups or whatever the fuck they're called these days, but this sonic collision of Salem's cave-crunk atmospherics and Busta Rhyme's typically barking delivery which comes to us courtesy of NYC resident J-Stor is actually pretty decent. The middle eastern T-Pain vibes that slither across the atomic sandstorm of noise which erupts over Heather's hook girl from Hell vocals only confirm in my mind that the sooner DJ Paul & Juicy J come to their senses and hook up with Salem, the better.

J-Stor - Jayshiki (Rapidshare link)


Just to say for those of you dwelling in NYC, make sure you go and check out the quite awesome guys behind Tanlines do their ringtone tropicalia thing at Glasslands (between Kent and South 2nd, Brooklyn) this Thursday. It will obviously be much fun.

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