Wednesday, 15 April 2009

We Will Mention Cassie in Every Post

Due to the gargantuan nature of her greatness, she will be referenced in every post (probably). On the other hand, if she carries on working with Akon and P.Diddy then our interests will wane, and so too should yours. Its The Underdogs/The Dream/Tricky Stewart all the way for "Electro Love", an album long in gestation, short on any actual release dates but generous in the amount of leakages.

Take this renegade from the rings of Saturn, "Keep On Lovin' Me", a track that may appear on an LP sometime in the future. As Robin points out, this has similarities to "Millionaire" by Kelis & Andre, but this version is less sultry and instead just plain zingin' pop, sugar coated and harmonic, set in shades of pink and baby blues.

Keep On Lovin Me (Prod. By Tricky Stewart) - Cassie feat. The-Dream

Another staple of this blog will surely be the soot-and-glitter-flecked hellish souls, SALEM, a group of spectres that may be a hard pill to swallow for any strictly Rn'B-only fan, but their black hearts shine through the mire of the slowly disintegrating synthesizers and they drag with oily fingers the thumping soul of thug rap and the jittery Juke beast into their forest cave, melting the two together to create something sleekly vicious. If Portishead re-recorded "Machine Gun" with a lost in the k-hole Savage on guest vocals, it would go like this:

SALEM - Sip It Cup (feat. DJ Sippycup) (Rapidshare link)

Merok 7" now, new Japanese 7" soon.

Dizzee's Dirtee Stank Records is shaping up to be a sweet selection of knife stabs straight outta Dalston. Dizzee's last album didn't really work for the most part, what with the Lily Allen collab and the confusing lack of actual grime, but he seemed to be circling around that most amazing debut album sound with "Maths + English" bonus track, "Drivin'". There's none of the feral gats-at-dawn & teen pregnancy capers of "I Luv U", but the screw face bile of "Vexed" is removed and replaced by stoned drawls over a similar spider web synthline - a downer twin of So Soild's "Ride Wid Us".

Dizzee Rascal - Drivin' (Rapidshare link)

Download from Juno.