Monday, 18 May 2009

Golden Amazons Redux

Back by no demand at all...the offending post from last week minus the offense.

Rich Harrison, the man behind "Crazy In Love" and the best Usher song Usher never released may have seemed a bit quiet of late, but he has in fact been busy toiling away in his factory crafting some very nice things for his in-house harem, Richgirl, another group who alongside The Dream's Vanity 6 fantasy incarnate, Electrik Red and the T-Pain affiliated Sophia Fresh are making me feel pretty good about girl groups this year.

Following on from Bun-B assisted "24", one of the great singles that never was in 2008, and the glitch-snap fire of "Honeycomb", their new cut "He Aint Wit Me Now Tho" is probably their finest effort yet, Harrison continuing to prove he's far more than a one trick pony as he moves further and further away from the digital go-go sound he perfected so many years ago. Singing with the kind of high register urgency we haven't heard done this well since Natasha and Darkchild created their "So Sick" masterpiece (La Roux take note, and fuck off), deranged piano banging and Valkyrie war strings buzz-saw back and forth giving way to sporadic bursts of 90s R&B goo while the girls all holler like Beyonce fem-bots. All this wealth of girl group goodness just makes me miss Bella all the more which is a little bittersweet really. Gone, but not forgotten.

From one girl band to a lady who against the odds managed to survive one, LeToya Luckett is gearing up to release her second solo album Lady Love after a surprisingly successful debut which featured the old skool cream of "Torn", a tune which officially made for one of the best chopped and screwed Fuck Action reinterpretations ever. It was all about those ancient sounding never-ending moans. Coming back with a far more up-tempo sound, "She Aint Got Shit On Me" finds producer Darkchild in the big synth zone he always operates best in, pummeling the euroclub keys over some elasticated spacejam beats and clockwork drumwork, whilst Ms Luckett whips herself into a green eyed frenzy.

She Aint Got Shit On Me - LeToya

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