Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Beginnings & Endings

The end is nigh for the robot voiced ones, at least according to Jay-Z if we're to believe he's being totally serious with his new single "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune), which considering Kanye West co-produced it and the vocoder king T-Pain has seemingly given his blessing, is probably far more about grabbing some attention than it is about actually leading a charge against what has, in my mind, been one of the more interesting hip hop trends to emerge over the last few years.

Shit eating grins aside, "D.O.A." is proof if anything that Jay really has transformed into the Eric Clapton of hip hop. If killing off the Hawkings effect means being subjected to this anodyne, real muso crap than I'll take a futuristic fantasia like "Blame It" any day and pray Cherzilla takes her vengeance soon. F.Y.I. Jamie Foxx never had more heart til someone wrapped it up in wires.

Oh, and...

Off with his head.

Since it crawled in under just about everybodies skin last summer, A Milli is still the tune to emulate, the gremlin to pour water on after midnight in the hopes something as equally twisted might spring forth. Beyonce, Rich Boy, and Mario have all made their tries with varying degrees of success, and now, like a blast from the past, Mike Jones has got one on his new album. Fittingly for a Swishahouse associate, the talking in tongues is slowed down to a swampy crawl and the blunt drums pound with a more doom laden impact creating a potently claustrophobic banger perfect for having fun with while slowly drowning in a tar pool. It's no Drop, but it's good enough.


Dummy Magazine recently asked me to make a So Bones mix, bruises and all, so with the help and patience of a beloved Dreamburger I spent the weekend listening to Britney vomit over a forest floor of twitching stripper limbs. It also comes with the first non-drunk interview I've given in a good while. Check it out.


  1. so fucking good.
    just put this shit on my bbbold.

  2. and WHEN ARE YOU IN NYC? I almost missed that part of the interview.

    I have a bunch of people who are in dire need of some good chopped & screwed shit. houston in the heart baby!

  3. In a month or so. Psyching myself up for the heat!