Friday, 5 June 2009

Robots Don't Cry (In Public)

Electrik Red flopped. Ciara kinda flopped. Flo-Rida is still clogging up the airwaves and dragging Wynter Gordon down with him. Eminem is continuing to prove people are generally really dumb. And it looks like for the second year in a row there wont be a big "Uh Oh/Umbrella/Goodies" type Summer jam unless people pounce on Chelley quick! Good skullcrushing times indeed. Thankfully like a sunbeam through thick waves of smog, there's been quite a bit of Danja activity recently, so I'm not ready to jump into the fire just yet.

Laying all cards on the table right from the outset, Nic Rage is a relatively dreadful no-mark rapper, but "The Life I Lead" is testament to how good Danja can be because it's probably one of my most played songs in recent months mostly down to the fact it's a perfect example of the man's hypnotic downer inclinations which are responsible for contributing that very distinct melancholy malaise that tends to form a soft blue fuzz around his synthetic orchestrations often making them sound like crushed metal laments for all the broken cyborgs prematurely thrown on the funeral pyre. There's been the wonky haunted stripclub atmospherics of Danity Kane's "Striptease" (which I've found to be an interesting accompaniment to this classic clip), the coral coloured, tear drop etherealness of Cassie's "Official Girl" and the weeping computer trance wash of B5's "Teardrops." "The Life I Lead" inhabits a hopeless Terminator style apocalyptic wasteland of broken circuit boards and broken bones, gliding along on a ringtone Vangelis vibe, a tinny epic of wavering semi-operatic wailing and elongated waves of chrome coloured synth-work.

A trademark wheezing sine wave kicks off Esmee Denter's "Casanova" before giving way to some weird, distant downbeat bird calls in the chorus, in a new song which is of significance for actually being one of Danja's very few pure pop efforts of late. Despite not reaching the ludacrous, lunatic highs his previous forays into robo-pop have created "Casanova" is still quite a nice sad-eyed-girl-trapped-in-her-pink-palace/prison piece of fluff that also happens to feature Justin Timberlake in the slightly creepy, unconvincing role of "big brother."


  1. the naked pics of Cassie either ruined "offical Girl" for me or made it that much better . . .it's hard to tell.

  2. whoa, that nic rage track is really screaming (growling) for an instrumental.

  3. Artistically ER certainly did not flop, and that's the most important thing. Still a shame that people aren't buying this amazing album though.

  4. And yes, that Nic Rage NEEDS an instrumental now. In fact all Danja's work with Rage needs to be available without his voice.

  5. I bet you robots could cry if they could have feelings.

    -Zane of ontario honey