Thursday, 3 September 2009


The thunderbitch has emerged to show all those demi-divas floating aimlessly outside the palace of B how to do things. I'm talking about Kelis, one of this generation's most sorely underrated pop stars, the girl who came out spitting blood and bile in a kaleidoscopic frenzy of rainbow colours and blistering sexual rage, and who went on to effortlessly vamp over some of the strangest avant R&B bangers ever made. Having recently turned up on the UK funky flavoured "Scars" with Meleka and Chipmunk, we now have "No Security" which was produced by Crookers, who before now I could have cared less about. Unlike the blunt electro by numbers I've become accustomed to associating them with, on this dubstep laced clubcrusher they create for the "mighty one" a skittering latice work of code red beats and giant cinematic drum poundings that whip Kelis up into something bordering on frenzied. Revellers should volunteer their heads for the block, because frankly this slays. Welcome back.

What with the fuzzed out noisy dissonance, the drugged vocal delivery and the spooked deathbed oboe sound that wouldn't have seemed out of place emerging from the forests of Wonderland when Alice fins herself surrounded by an assortment of fantastical bird like creatures with hammers for heads and mirrored faces, "Bump" would be weird enough as a stand alone song, but add to that a seriously lo-fi video which transcends it's low budget circumstances through looking like a thug fascist snuff movie directed by Rubber Johnny phase Chris Cunningham and you've got probably one of the wonkiest, most brilliantly uncomfortable club songs of the year.